Op deze taarten vind u onze mooie handgemaakte suikerbloemen.

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Square middle

Lovable gold

In the middle

Hexagon base

Gold streaks

Swan Love

Gazebo center

Floral tower

Floral pyramid

Floral crown

Floral base

Flirty spirals

Blushing gold

Vows in silver

Vintage pearls

Vintage frillery

Swans on red steps

Sugar cascade heart

Skipping steps

Skipping flowers

Silver with white balustrade

Rosey lines

Pink bubble

Pearl necklace

Pearl necklace tiers

Pastel pinks and blues

Mirrored beads

Love for details

Looking out the window

Lace trimmings

Lace rosary

Jewelry and diamonds

Jewel on a pearl string

Hexagon roses

Heart of silver

Heart of pink roses

Golden vine tiers

Golden Arches

Gold leafed glory

Glistening snow

Frills beads and drapes

Dancing wings

Crowned lace

Crowned couple

Arches and steps

Illuminated Palace

Lightgold Baroque

Lace with Flowers

Lace stripes

Jeweled Balcony

Innocent Balustrades

Illuminated Steps

Illuminated Stairs

Golden Steps of the Palace

Decorations of Love

Vined Tiers

Swans under the Balustrade

Swans in the Center

Romance in Lace

Pearls from the ceiling

Decorations of love flowers

Burst of love and flowers

Bronze flowers and roses

The Royal Steps

Layers of wishes

Cloud Nine

In the Clouds

Steps to Heaven

Towering Baroque

Blue and pink flower beauty

A million-and-one Flowers

A tower of Floral

Baroque Flowers

Beaded Beauty

Blooming Spring Cascade

Blooming spring

Burning Hearts

Burning Love

Candy cane wedding

Classic Dots

Classic Pink

Classy Pink Cascade

Contrast and Crystal

Covered in Floral

Covered in Petals

Crimson Petals

Crimson Proposal

Dancing in a Fairy tale

Deinty and Sweet

Diamond Bouquet

Divided Love

Draped in Gold

Drapes and Crystals

Every King needs a Queen

Extravagant Frills

Fiery Red

Floating on Flowers

Floral Embrace

Floral Sphere Tower

Floral Umber

Frills in a bouquet

Gold Baroque Tower

Gold Lining

Gold Textures

Gold Vines

Golden Chains

Golden Heart

Gold-lined Lace

Heart in the Center

Holding Hands

Hotpink Roses

It’s in the Details

Ivory Frills

Ivory Lining

Laced from Top to Bottom

Laced in Spring

Loving Purple

On a Balustrade

Pastel Cascade

Pastel Pinks and Purples

Patterned Bouquets

Peacock cascade

Pearl perfection

Pearlescent Frills

Pearls for Love

Pearls to the top

Pearly Cascade

Petal Patches

Pink and White Cascades

Pink Bouquets

Pink Petals

Purple Pastels

Rings for Eternity

Roses in Lace 2

Roses in Lace 1

Shining Bouquet

Silver Framing

Simple and Square

Simple in Pink

Simplicity is Key

Spiraling Gold

Spiraling Sugar Path

Stacked spring flowers

Stacking Florals

Stepping Together

Steps of the Palace

Sweet and Simple


Ten Vows

to make you Blush